Warning: TMI below, but I need this for future reference!

So, after the dreary 2-week wait and going (almost) crazy over my symptoms – sore boobs, checked; blue veins sprouting, double checked – I finally went ahead to pee on a stick! Ummm actually peed on more than 1 stick, coz then I was paranoid and thought ‘What if it’s negative…I’ll be wasting $XX!’.

Yeah, so anyway bought a double pack Guardian brand one, and tested the day after I supposedly missed the AF. First stick, the line was so faint that it looked like an evaporation line! So, the Mister told me to wait for a few days before taking the next one. Took the next one, and a very faint line did appear. Still wasn’t convinced, and started looking through the Mummy.sg forum. Turns out that the Guardian brand ones are not as sensitive as they claimed….pffttt no wonder they’re cheap! Was told that Clearblue is good, and that results show up within minutes. Ok, time to get out the expensive ones…since I have been keeping stock from last year.

Clearblue Compact gave a blue line within 2 mins + and I got excited at 4am in the morning. Hubby asked what does it mean. Hrmm it means, that I’m taking the Clearblue Digital test tomorrow!

YESS, this one came up within 1 minute…and tells me that we’ve conceived 3+ weeks ago, which makes sense…hahah. So, made an appointment with a gynae nearby to confirm. Told him about my 2 positive tests and got this reply, “2 positives is a sure thing already!”. Great! Propped me up for an ultrasound scan, and saw the water bag. Baby still too small to be seen, so next appointment will be in 2 weeks time, when I’m 7 weeks along.

And that is the whole story of how we got our Big Fat Positive (BFP)!

For now, EDD = 20 Dec! Can’t wait….looks like we’re gonna have a Christmas baby πŸ™‚
But in the meantime, I am struggling with feeling hungry every 2 hours :S