Again, this post will serve as a means for me to keep track of my pregnancy symptoms with JellyBean in my tummy. Yes, for now…we’re naming him/her JellyBean!

  • Started with me having a really good appetite right about the day of, or after ovulation (and I thought I was being a PIG!)
  • Then came the sore boobs….which is sort of normal for me to get just before AF – only this time there’s like blue veins. And, it’s sorta early for the soreness to come since AF is not due till 2 weeks later?
  • Waiting and waiting…AF is still not here. Funny, but I’ve got like period-like cramps? Only last for a minute or so. Did a search and apparently it’s a pregnancy symptom, coz the uterus is expanding after implantation. Still, didn’t want to get my hopes up until i tested.
  • And now that we’ve confirmed the pregnancy, the biggest symptom for me at the moment is MASSIVE appetite. Seems like I’ve got to eat more than my usual portion to remain full, or else I’ll get hungry within 2 hours or so. Not complaining, just trying to get used to this…coz it beats having to deal with nausea!