Since I get hungry like a teenage boy who’s just hit puberty, thought it’d be fun to start a cravings log. Anyway, my taste buds have been leaning towards anything sour or spicy recently.

So, today’s eat list was:

And this was after having porridge for lunch! But since instant noodles should be taken in moderation during pregnancy, dear hubby diluted my beloved soup so that the MSG to lessen the MSG concentration! Pfftttt i wan my assam laksa!! Where on earth am I gonna find it in Sg?

Was feeling a little empty after dinner, beancurd for dessert and my nightly cup of milk! Took 2 of these to soothe the emptiness…..and i don even like oreos in the first place :S

So, i wonder if what they say is true….that if you get hungry instead of nausea, that it’s gonna be a boy? But I’ve had friends who’s had nausea, and had baby boys LOL