Now that Week 7 has ended, just thought I’d recap all my symptoms….as it all came in droves!

Hunger – Not as bad as the previous weeks, where I was always hungry! For now, as long as I’ve got enough carbo during the main meals, I can go without in-between snacks.

Emotional – I don’t know why, but I seem to be extremely moody and weepy (especially) this week! Every single thing makes me cry :S

Flatulence – Gosh, I seem to be farting a lot this week! Not sure is it because of the things I eat, or because of the development that’s going on.

Extreme Tiredness – I think I spoke too soon when i told my boss that I didn’t feel sleepy at night just yet, when she told me that she always fell asleep by 9.30pm when she was pregnant. This week, I was extremely tired and sleepy during the day…and I would fall asleep almost instantly after dinner and bath.

Boobs Soreness – Hmmm these were not so sore anymore this week. But still can feel a little discomfort when I press myself against something.

Now, I wonder what would Week 8 bring? So far, as I’ve just entered week 8…my symptoms are roughly the same. Tired and more tired!