Yes, I finally did it….went up from a size 8 to size 12 (to cater for future growth, still a bit loose at the moment. All because my burgeoning boobs are finding it hard to breathe in my regular work dresses :p

Figured I didn’t wanna spend on expensive maternity clothes yet, so went to New Look to get a few empire dresses. Mmm might post a pic of me IN in when there is a visible bump in sight.

Other than that, Week 9 has been pretty good for me. Maybe because work is not so crazy this week, actually I had time to breathe a little (and surf for cute clothes). Hunger is also more in control now….not so hungry all the time. But am having cravings for cheese! A bit unlike me, coz I don’t usually crave or particularly like cheese at normal times. And I think I’m also starting to like fried chicken a little…but can’t bring myself to down some yet. Urgh….JellyBean, fried chicken = not good for mommy’s waistline!

Oh, and I’ve been experiencing some sort of strain-like pressure on the lower abs. Hrmm not sure if this is the growing pains that’s apparently common in the early stages.

Anyway, hubby and I are pretty excited for the coming week. Coz we’re having our next Dr’s visit on Thursday. Let’s see how big JellyBean is by then…and hope that he moves a little in there 🙂

In the meantime, I think I should aim to put more beef in my meals. Like this yummy beef hor fun (thin rice noodles):