Hello everyone!~

This is JellyBean, blogging on mommy’s behalf…from the womb! First off, I’m more far along than what mommy and daddy guessed. Yups, I’m already halfway through Week 11. And I was pretty excited when the Dr pointed the ultrasound thingy at mommy tummy that I gave a little wave….then i decided to show off by trying to do some back flips, which looked more like me bouncing around the in water bag. Mommy said she saw me show my backside to everyone…but hrmph that was just me turning round n round n round!

Mommy and daddy have been trying to talk to me every day…but I can’t hear them just yet, although my ears are supposedly at the right place this week. Oh, and I gave mommy heartburn a few days ago :p

They are pretty excited about finding out if I’m on Team Blue or Pink…but that has got to wait til my Week 20 detailed scan. Oh well, guess that’s all from me for now….do watch this space for ‘bigger’ updates from me!

(Daddy’s calling me Pumpkin Head this week!)