Now that the first trimester has finally come to an end, I can really feel that my energy levels are picking up slowly. Although it’s not really back to my normal pace yet, at least I don’t struggle to stay awake in the afternoons. And am sort of ok with going to bed at around 11pm+ (at one stage I had to be in bed by 1030pm just so that I could survive the next day at work.

Now, we’re really excited about our next scan (hmmm wonder if we’ll be able to see if JellyBean’s on Team Blue or Pink), and can’t wait to feel an actual kick. At least there’s some assurance that our baby is doing well inside my tummy and enjoying his/herself. Well, did feel some sort of vibration last week while sitting down in the train…but not sure is it baby or gas.

List of things to plan soon:

  1. Start collecting baby clothes for various stages
  2. Hope to get the cot from my boss soon, so I can hunt for the right sized mattress (Yayy first borrowed hand me down for JellyBean!)
  3. Look for the baby carrier thingy and breast pump from Mothercare
  4. Decide on stroller (It’s either Quinny or Baby Jogger…but we’ll get into that debate on a separate post)
  5. Source for baby sitting options (Altho my parents and MIL will be alternating to help us look after JellyBean, especially once I start work…there’s gonna be a period of a few days when nobody will be around to help us. So, we’re looking at either an ad-hoc baby sitter/nanny or to put JellyBean in infant care. Pros of infant care = JellyBean gets to mix around with other babies, make friends and learn to share. Social skills. Cons = A little heavy hearted to have our baby to attend ‘school’ at such a tender age. I only went to play school at the age of 4 or so. hrmmm)

Oh, and I’ve sorted out my maternity leave with my company. Will take the remaining of my leave entitlement starting December, and then start my 4-month maternity leave. Which means, I’ll be back at work in April 2013…when JellyBean is ard 3months+ (depending how early he/she comes into the world 🙂