So, we went in for a scan last week at Week 15 – and when hubby asked the Doc if it is possible to find out JellyBean’s gender, he told us we might be able to…if JellyBean wanna show! So he propped me on the bed and scanned around my belly. Was amazed to see our baby so much bigger now, with the skull and eye sockets intact. Awww you’re growing so fast! Anyway, JellyBean was not really hyperactive like our previous scan where he was prancing around in the water bag (yeah, feels good to have room eh?)…but was resting and just lying around lazily. Turned a couple of times, and showed us his/her backside again! Grrr this must be one shy baby. Hrmmm we didn’t get to know if we’re on Team Blue or Pink, coz the little bub is rather protective of his/her nether regions, and refused to open up the legs to let us see. Awww mann…guess we’ll have a wait till our next scan to try again.

Yeah, we’re due for a detailed scan on the first week of august at Mount Alvernia Hospital. When we asked the doc how long it’ll take, he told us if baby’s cooperative, we’ll be done in 20 mins max. If not, we’re gonna be there the whole day! o-O JellyBean, pls try to behave on that day….maybe drinking some orange juice will help šŸ˜€

Ooohh ohhh…and the highlight of the week so far has got to be this morning! I think I felt JellyBean kick me šŸ˜€
Happened after I got a seat in the train this morning on the way to work, felt like soft thumping on my lower belly. But wasn’t sure to I brushed it off. Then it happened again at work. Hmmmm maybe JellyBean’s trying to say hi! Oh and another fainter one just now when I was lying on the bed after dinner and bath.

Let’s hope for more to come!