With the sale season still going on in Singapore, we decided to go ahead with the big purchases to prepare for the arrival of Jellybean! Am totally loving the deals at the Spring Maternity showroom…huge discounts = happy mommy & daddy 🙂

Ermm no pics of the actual product here, as we were kinda pre-occupied after deciding on which cot to get. Will post it up when it gets delivered to our home in November.

Peg Perego Pliko P3 Stroller

Was actually eyeing the Quinny strollers, coz the designs are so cool! But when we found out that it’s frm Holland but made in China, we decided to drop the idea. Furthermore, the model that we wanted doesn’t have the seat recline function. So it won’t exactly be that comfortable for JellyBean.

After much recommendations online and reassurance from the sales person, we decided to go for the Peg Perego Pliko P3 stroller. It may not look as cool as the Quinny ones, but at least it’s comfortable and more lasting. This one’s made in Italy, and there’s a bar at the back of the stroller for an older child to stand while pushing the baby in the seat. Hrmm suits our long term plan? hahah

I guess the thing we like best about the stroller is that it’s so easy to fold and unfold…and does so in such a compact manner:

There you go….compact folding, golf bag style. And it opens up by just flicking the handles around (hubby has gotten the hang of it!). With the travel bag, it makes it easy for us to check in this stroller during plane rides – when we go back to my parents’ place in Kuching.

So, what colour did I go for? Haha red of course…such a happy colour, and can be used for both boy or girl 🙂

Avent Steriliser

Was kinda bummed when we were told that they ran out of the steriliser during our last visit…as it was really a good deal. $135 for the steriliser set, plus lots of freebies like bottles, pacifier and extra teats (I’m sure there’s something else, but am too lazy to look into the bag to check right now). So when we saw the new stock lined up when we were there last week, I quickly went to grab hold of one….hahhaha. Guess I’m turning into a crazy shopaholic mommy. Anyway, since our combined purchases for the day exceeded a certain amount, we were entitled to a free bedding set which includes comforter, bed sheet, pillow and bolster cases. And since we’re not sure if JellyBean’s a he or she yet, we went for a sweet, safe colour scheme….with giraffes!

Next loot to look out for: We’re checking out the Taka Baby Fair this weekend, to grab home some baby basics…so stay tuned for updates 🙂