So, here’s a first look of a baby bump….although it seems to be more prominent at the end of the day. Hrmmm bump + bloat, maybe? hahah

Am feeling quite good lately, apart from the crazy ordeal that i had to go through at work over the last 2 days. I hope that I don’t ever have to rush like a mad rabbit again! Panicking and trying to finish something that was given to me at the 11th hour can’t be good for the both of us :/

Other than that, been walking around (*ahem* shopping!) a lot during weekends. But get extremely tired after that, and my feet feels tired too. Am trying to practice sleeping on my left side, since I’m supposed to assume this sleeping position from Week 18 onwards (that’s next week!). Has not been easy, as I love sleeping on my tummy. Let’s hope I can get comfy and catch up on my beauty sleep…before it gets interrupted by back pains and a wailing baby!