So, here’s where we went last weekend:

Lots and lots of pregnant mamas…and some with their little tot(s) in tow at the Takashimaya Baby Fair. Glad that we went despite the crowd (actually it was not as bad as I expected), coz there were many good deals on all baby stuffs! Some even better than what we snagged before from the Spring Maternity showroom.

So, after walking for 3 hours….mommy and daddy ended up with these:

And in these 2 heavy bags (which daddy lugged all the way home), we got these:

Haha spot the Avent supporter? Got some more rompers for Jellybean plus a whole lot of basic necessities like bottle warmer, milk dispenser, teats, sippy cup, fleece blanket, tons of baby wipes, diapers, bibs and disposable breast pads. Got to go down again for a 2nd trip before the fair ends next week….and pls pls Jellybean, open your legs wide at next week’s FA scan…so we know which colour clothes and blankets to get for you. They’re such a steal at the fair!