Phew…been busy over the past weeks, and as a result have accumulated way too many things to post! But let’s start with the important ones first…..


The detailed scan at Mount Alvernia Hospital went really well! Baby’s developing well, and we saw the gender wide and clear 🙂 But will wait till we meet up with our gynae this weekend to reveal…so we can post up the pics of the scan at the same time *winkz*

And while we were there, since we finished our scan fairly early…we managed to sign up for the maternity tour. This gives us a better idea of the different beds and wards that are available at the hospital, and for a sneak peek of what we’re paying for. Fingers crossed, we can get the single bed ones on D-Day. And at the same time, we signed up for the Alvernia Ladies Card too…so we can get discounted rates on our hospital stay and for our childbirth education class. Sigh, we didn’t feel like signing up for the classes at first…but then we thought the topics covered were very useful, especially for us being first-time parents. And for the comprehensive topics covered, it kinda justifies the cost of the classes for the both of us. So yeah…we’re booked in for the October classes…which is perfect timing since I’ll be in my 7th month then.

And when the time for lunch came by, we were delightfully surprised at how tasty the hospital cafeteria food can be! Whoever said that hospital food sucks?