These days, it seems like everywhere we go…there’s 1 thing on our agenda:

Shopping for baby stuffs and getting great deals from baby fairs! Thanks to Kellyn, we got to know about the International Baby Expo that was on over the past weekend in KLCC. And from there, we managed to get quite a fair bit of stuffs….

These 2 bags contain heaps of newborn baby clothes, socks, bibs (they’re too cute!), maternity pads plus some freebies that I got just by liking the Pureen page on Facebook.

And while we were back, we noticed some strong progress from our baby. It seems that our little Jellybean has developed quite strong muscles and is now able to give very hard kicks! hahahha especially on Friday night, while we were out for a seafood (ahem…crab) dinner, and just before I went to bed past midnite. Suddenly there were a series of kicks at my lower belly, and hubby quickly put his ear to listen to JellyBean’s kicks. Hahah our little hero then gave daddy a few hard jabs in the face and ears! LOLL this is wayy too cute…but I hope it’s not representative of baby’s sleeping pattern in the future…noo, nighttime means sleep time.

Anyway, felt strong kicks again today at work…think baby wants to play. So quickly rubbed my tummy and told baby to hang in there for a while…coz mommy got tons of work to do…and will play later tonite 🙂