Helloooo everyone! It’s JellyBean again…

I guess for all of you who have not found out the answer to my gender on mommy’s fb page, it’s my turn to do the big reveal here! Yes….i’m a GIRL! Mommy and daddy are so happy to have a lil princess in their home come year end.

Overall, I’m doing ok…I have been very active recently and been kicking mommy a lot. She gets excited every time I do that, and would give me a lil pat. Sometimes I keep her up at night too, coz of my kicks….she’s wondering if I’ll do that the whole night and give me a pat (she doesn’t wanna feel that she’s neglecting my efforts to communicate with her)!

Looks like my EDD is pushed back by about a week, based on my growth. So, now it’ll be around 30 Dec 2012….just in time for NYE. But mommy and daddy are still hoping that I’ll make my exit at Christmas. We’ll see how things go. Oh, and currently I weigh in at 380g. And mommy’s bump is getting bigger day by day too!

*Yawnn* guess that’s all from me for now….time for a lil snooze. Till we chat again next time! 😀

P.s. I actually have a name already, but mommy will only reveal it when she gives birth. Daddy is trying to decide on my chinese name.