So, we had our routine check-up at the gynae last nite. So far, JellyBean’s doing fine in there…and have I mentioned that she’s so very very active? Well, that explains the strong jabs that I’ve been experiencing these days, especially when the clock strikes past midnite! Haha let’s hope this does not keep up after she’s born.

Also, she weighed in at about 678g at 23 weeks 6 days…which according to the doc is normal. Hrmm only problem now is her mommy. Was told by doc to watch my weight gain…coz I’ve gained a total of 10kg to date (and I’ve still got about 3 more months till delivery). So, instructions were to cut down on sugar and do more exercise!

Funny thing is…I don’t exactly have a sweeth tooth. Don’t really crave for sweet stuff, well…neither do I consume it all that much. Except on weekends when I put on my crazy baking mode! haha

So, have decided that I’ll try to experiment with my diet a little from now till next month’s appointment. To cut off OJ from the list (altho i do dilute it with lots of water!) and butter from my cheese toast for brekkie (sigh!). And to take a walk around the neighbourhood during the weekend, to burn off some fats. Fingers crossed…hopefully the scales will be more forgiving in the weeks to come!