Whoopss…been so busy with work and catching up on my TV series that I have procrastinated on my blog posts. Bad mommy…LOL. So, as a result…I’ve got lots of back dated posts to catch up on…so do bear with me while I blog them one day at a time, k?

Early this month, hubby and I attended a babycare workshop organised by the People’s Association. This was recommended by one mommy on the forum, and since we are clueless on how to take care and bathe the baby…we signed up for it at once. Well, and then a few weeks later we signed up for the Childbirth Education class at Mt Alvernia too. Guess better to be well informed than clueless…especially with this being our first time being parents!

Hehe this was hubby having a go at bathing the baby….and me giving instructions after having had my turn. Hope that we can remember all the steps and that we’d be ok with handling a fragile newborn. We actually love how this workshop is so hands-on…so meaning, you don’t only listen to instructions…you get to do all the stuffs with a baby doll, and get corrected by the instructor if you’re doing it wrongly.

While most of the participants were first-time parents-to-be like us, there were 2 who were first time grandmas too! Hahaha refresher course for them after donkey years!