Hehe i wonder if there’s any truth to the myth that says, if it’s a baby boy the tummy withh be pointy, and if it’s a baby girl it’s round all the way? Coz Jellybean has made my tummy look rounder and rounder each month!

So, here’s a bump pic last week at Week 26. So far no complaints yet….just occasional leg cramps when I’m halfway sleeping through the night. And I can feel my tummy getting really heavy after a heavy meal. Hrmm i guess baby + food? Back is still ok, altho I’ve heard other mummies complaining of backache.

Oh, and have I mentioned that Jellybean’s really strong with her kicks now? It’s not only soft taps, she literally makes my whole stomach shake and rumble! Hehehe such a cleaver gal 🙂

Let’s see what the Doc says when we go in for our next check-up this Saturday. And then one final round of shopping at the Baby Market @ Expo! Oh gosh….more money flying away.

So far, the most crucial things to get are:

  • Braun Digital Thermometer (Found an online seller who sells it at cheaper than retail)
  • Medela Freestyle Breast Pump (Found an online store who sells it cheaper than retail)
  • Few more sets of newborn clothes
  • Few pieces of Muslin cloths
  • Cotton balls
  • Rubber mat
  • Rocker (hmmm i wonder if this is a must?)
  • Diaper organizer
  • Cot mobile
  • Extra cot bedding set (for days when we’re washing the main set)
  • Nightgowns with buttons in front for me (for hospital stay)