Whoops…again I got a little too busy and forgot to post an update in here! Anyway, lots of exciting things happened in between the weeks, so I’ll just do an update in bullets! (This is me being lazy hehe)

– Got nagged by gynae about my weight…as I’ve put on about 12 kg at Week 28. Grrrr and it’s not coz JellyBean’s extremely big or anything…all the weight’s piling on me! Darnnn how can life be so unfair?! And also, made a silly mistake to have my milk before the appt, and as a result the sugar content in my urine sample was rather high. So, a Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) was ordered, and I had to come back the following week to take it. Urghh…i don’t exactly have a sweet tooth, and that drink was kinda hard to down. But thank goodness, I got a clean result from that…meaning i don’t have gestational diabetes! So, it’s mostly me putting on weight…hubby says it’s mostly from the pampering frm MIL when she was here the whole month…heheh too much good food!

– We’ve started our Childbirth Education Class at Mt Alvernia Hospital…and have so far completed 3 classes (with another 4 more to go). So far, we’re enjoying the topics covered during the classes as we found it pretty useful. Things like diet and nutrition during pregnancy, back care and exercises, and stages of labour + breathing exercises that we can do. Next, we’ll be covering, breastfeeding, postnatal and baby care!

– We’ve discovered that online shopping saves us a lot on baby stuffs (why didn’t we know about it earlier?!), and have so far ordered almost everything that we need from Amazon and Carter’s. Can’t wait for the packages to arrive (think it’ll take about 3 weeks or so?). Will post an update by then…but in the meantime, while organising the baby clothes last time…realised that I may have bought too many 0-3 months cute socks!

– I’ve started wearing third trimester clothes, as I need more space to accommodate my bump! Sigh…can’t believe I only got about 9 more weeks left before JellyBean comes into the world….gonna miss my bump (although I find it a tad heavy at times). And talking about bumps, I’m carrying one super active baby who loves kicking throughout the day (good girl!) hehehe