So, here’s the latest ultrasound scan of JellyBean at Week 31 last week. Happy to report that the gynae is satisfied with my weight gain this time round. Put on 800g, 300g of which is from baby. Only down side is that JellyBean is a bit on the small side, but not quite worrying yet. So, our next agenda will be to load up on nutrient-rich foods to make our little princess bulk on the fat! C’mon baby….ur mommy was a 8lb5oz baby…so u gotta grow bigger okies? 🙂

As for me, I’m really feeling the weight of my bump these days. It feels heavy when I’m walking around, and my heels feel tired after about an hour of walking or so. Plus, it’s hard for me to turn around when I sleep at night. So, as a result…I’m having slight sleeping problems, which makes me tired throughout the day :S

Let’s hope that sleep will be better tonite! *yawn*