If there’s anything worst than being hit with the sniffles and sore throat, it’s gotta be having while being pregnant! Oh my lord, it must be my body telling me that it needs more rest from now till the big day. That and being surrounded by germs when we’re out and about. Grrr I hate being sick!

Hope I’m not passing on the germs to JellyBean! :S

But thankfully, I think I’m getting better now…with lots of sleep, medicine and mom’s home remedy of honey lemon and chicken+vegetables soup. At this point, I’ll down anything that would take this sore feeling away from my throat!

This coming week will be just me, JellyBean and my parents, as hubby goes off on business trip to Paris! Grrr if only I can tag along….but i was promised a nice holiday trip once we pop…so at least there’s something to look forward to 😀

And in the kicks department, as usual, JellyBean’s kicks are getting harder and stronger day by day. And I’m finally feeling some strain on my back when I’m walking…apart from tired heels.