So, we finally jumped on the online shopping bandwagon! Actually knew that most ppl buy their baby stuffs online from the US for quite a while, but was rather skeptical that it was worth all the trouble and cost, including shipping fees, of course. But then after talking to other mummies on the forum and from reading other mummies’ blogs, we decided that it is worthwhile after all. And so we decided to give it a try and ordered most of the big items that were kinda costly to buy locally. Well, there are online sprees, only thing that we had to pay cash…which we were not so comfortable with. And while we’re at it, couldn’t resist getting a few more clothing for Crystabel. Hey, there were on discount…and a lot nicer too. Now we wished we hadn’t bought so many in the initial stages…hmmmmm

So, here are the big stuff!

Medela Freestyle breast pump – Selling for S$800 here, got it for US$319
Baby Bjorn Synergy carrier – Selling for S$300+ here, got it for US$119
Munchkin Diaper Organiser – Selling for S$60, got it for US$15
Bottle Drying Rack – Not sure how much it is selling here for, but we got it for US$10


More clothes for the little princess….for various stages plus some accessories. Was really happy with the 3-pack of SwaddleMe.  Got it got S$29 for 1 piece here, while our 3-pack costs US$20.

Ok, Crystabel…you have officially made your mommy and daddy broke! 😀