Here’s a quick update on Week 34! Just can’t drag myself to sit down and type out a post these days. The culprit? Tired heels! Yes, my heels get tired and slightly painful these days if I’ve been walking around, even if it’s just for the afternoon. Hrmm I guess this still isn’t so bad compared to what other mummies go through: water retention, swollen feet, painful joints, massive back ache.

Went to see Dr Don few days ago for a check and had the vaginal swab culture done. Thank goodness it’s not as uncomfortable as I thought. Coz so far, I’ve never had any pleasant experience doing pap smear! Crystabel is putting on more weight this time round…i gained about 1.1kg, and 600g of it is all hers. Good gal! I guess durians really do help to make baby put on weight. Now, let’s hope this keeps up…and hopefully she’ll be of a good weight by the time she comes out.

Other discomforts that I’ve been having lately: hard to turn when i sleep (I think rolling is a lot easier at this stage), tummy feels heavy, and I always feel that I need more sleep!!