Week 36

So, here’s my latest look with a round bump in tow! Moving around is proving to be a real challenge these days, as I can finally feel the weight of the baby on my legs and back. And especially on the weekends when I do more walking than usual, I’ll have this nagging pain around the groin area on my right. Ahhh the joys of pregnancy!

Movement wise, baby’s not only been kicking…she now rolls and stretches too. Funny thing happened last week, when I was fast asleep. Hubby touched my tummy for a while and felt a strong kick. Rubbed some more and the kicks got stronger. The thing that amazed him was that…..I slept like a log throughout all the kicking! lol

Went in for my pre-natal check-up last week at 35+ weeks, and Crystabel now weighs a health 2.3kg. Still a little small, but Doc says it’s not too bad. Will be going in again for check-up next Tuesday, and after that it will be a weekly thing.

From the December Mummies forum on mummysg, quite a few mummies have given birth to their bundle of joy….some even gave birth at the last hour of November. Seems that hospitals here are a bit short on beds…so we’re hoping that when we pop, we’ll be able to have our single room that we requested for.

In the meantime, we’re telling Crystabel to stay comfy in there for another 2-3 weeks. At least let mummy finish the last few working days and clear 1 week of annual leave before coming out, can? Then it’ll just be in time for Christmas! It’ll so cool to be a Christmas baby 🙂