It’s been ages since we got our photos professionally taken. So, to capture that precious pregnancy glow, hubby and I decided to have some maternity photos taken (so we can show Crystabel next time when she’s older hehe). Well, it was a good deal too…bought the photography deal from Groupon…think something like $15 for 90 mins? So we used that to take our photos and a family photo with hubby’s family.

Oh well, the photographers are rather inexperienced. As in they are not that skilled in art direction or styling…but the pics din turn out that bad. Just had to do a bit of editing to cover up my bruise and white hair…and hubby’s pimples 😀

IMG_1536 edit

This seems to be our favourite pose, coz we have a wedding photo taken exactly the same way!

IMG_1543 edit

This is the ‘Baby….what are you doing in there?’ pose!