I guess the title of this blog post says it all! Yes, our feisty princess decided that she’s done snuggling in my tummy, and decided to make her appearance early…at 38 Weeks 3 Days. Anyway, here’s my birth story to share and document:

Somewhere in the wee hours of the morning of 16 December 2012:
Started feeling extremely uncomfortable…and feels as though like I’m having period cramps. Was thinking…this couldn’t be contractions, could it? Heard that contractions come with back pain as well…which i don’t have yet at the moment. Went toilet to pee…found a very faint pink tinge on the toilet paper…but wasn’t convinced that it was my “show”. Tried to go back to sleep…the pain is killing me! Did fall asleep for a while, but then woke up and found some undigested food being hurled out of my mouth. Thought of it as baby stepping on my tummy or bladder (as I’ve heard that it happened to my boss as well when she was pregnant). Gosh…period cramps getting really bad. Woke hubby up and told him. He tried to talk to baby and asked her not to bully mummy. Stay in there for another week. At this point, I am practically crying in pain…as I’ve never been one to be able to stand period cramps. In the past, when I get cramps…I’ll immediately down 2 Naprogesic tablets…but I couldn’t do that now! Decided to make another toilet run…maybe my bowels are longing to be emptied (I have been having frequent bowel movements for the past week). No bowels just more pee…and this time I saw blood clots in the toilet bowl and more obvious red discharge on the toilet paper. Told hubby that it’s getting serious and I’m worried! Worst thing is that it’s Sunday…gynae clinic is not open. We decided that it’s best to call the emergency number and ask him what’s going on with me. Dialed the number, was asked a few questions by the 24-hour hotline operator who then connected me to Dr Don. Told him about the period cramps and bloody discharge. He asked when am I due. Told him Dec 28. Then he said, “You need to go to the hospital…right now!”. I was like “You mean now?”…and he firmly replied, “Yes…NOW!”. Ok, so off I go to brush my teeth and shower since my water bag did not break yet. Packed some last minute things into our hospital bag and called the cab, which was already waiting when we went down.

Gave my pre-admission letter to the reception counter, and they told me to go straight to labour ward on level 3. Rang the bell as nobody was at the counter. Gave my letter to the nurse and she told me she’ll be back shortly to get me ready. Got to know that Dr Don has been in the hospital delivering babies since midnight!

Nurse took my weight, got me into the labour room and had me changed into the hospital gown. Then she asked me to lie down on the bed and told me that she need to do the cervix check. (This is the part I dread, as I heard that it hurts like hell). But thank goodness she was gentle, although I was pretty tense. She asked if I want laughing gas to relax so that it’s not so painful. I said ok…I’ll try. Breathed into the gas mask and told her when I felt drowsy. Felt her probing down there and asked if it was painful. I said not so. She said that’s coz she did not go the whole way in…but I was definitely 1-2 cm dilated.Strapped me to the CTG to monitor my contractions (so that’s the the period cramps was all about) and baby’s heartbeat.

The nurse poked some Edema solution into my backside so that I could clear my bowels. Told me, if I can, to wait at least 5 minutes before clearing my bowels…to give time for the solution to work. If not, there might be some leftovers when it comes to the pushing stage of labour. Oh well..I didn’t get to hold up till the 5 minutes…think I rushed to the bathroom somewherer around the 2-minute mark.

Contraction getting stronger, and hubby was encouraging me to do the “Pant-pant’blow” and SSBO breathing exercises that we’ve learnt during our antenatal classes. Hrmm thought these were supposed to help…but why do I still feel so much pain. Another cervix check…didn’t move much…still in the 1-2 cm range. But the walls are thin….which is a good sign to them. Nurse asked if I’ve had any breakfast…I said no. Told them I was hungry and need something to eat. She told me that she’ll check with Dr Don if I am allowed to eat anything…coz they don’t want me to throw out during labour.

Dr Don gave the green light for soft meals…and my Milo and fish porridge was sent up shortly after. Hubby fed me, but I didn’t finish the whole thing coz the contractions are getting stronger and more frequent. Another cervix test…think this time I was like 2-3cm or smth? Nurses told me that Dr Don will be coming over to check shortly.

12pm:Sent hubby down to have his lunch/breakfast…told him no use hanging around as it’s still quite a long wait. Hubby went down and Dr Don came in. Asked how i felt…which I replied “Painful”. He then told me he need to do the cervix check. Nurses told him that I’m a bit tense. He told me to relax and I asked for the gas mask. Felt contractions coming while he was trying to do the check and I screamed into the gas mask. Felt him break my water bag. He told me that he needed to break the bag to speed up labour and that I was 3-4cm dilated…and asked me to relax…and that baby’s head is gonna be bigger than his 2 fingers. Asked me if I want Epidural, I said not yet. Heard him telling the nurse to go ahead and give me epidural if I wanted one.

I was in tears again…and we heard the ppl in the next room screaming. Hubby asked if I still wanna go without epi…and said maybe it’ll be better if I asked for epi (we read the side effects form earlier, which I was to sign if I requested one). I said wait till 1pm. He reminded me that the nurse told us it’ll take the anesthetist at least 45 mins to get to the hospital to administer the epi…so the earlier I request the better. So I pressed the buzzer and told the nurse that I want some epi…now!

Nurse came in to confirm that I wanted Epi. She said we’re in luck, coz the anesthetist was in the labour room opposite administering epi for 1 patient, and will be over in 15 mins? Got me to sign the form. In the meantime, it’s more pain for me….

Yayy…anesthetist is here! And he got started with the jabs at the back…and some drip on my hand. Can’t remember the exact details…but just that am so glad when the epi kicked in. Coz no more pain…just numbness at my lower body…which I can cope with. Nurse asked me to try n get some sleep so I got more energy to push later. In the meantime, she did another cervix test…no pain there….and think I was 5-6cm.

From 2pm to 6pm:
Sigh so disappointing….I only dilated 1 cm every hour. So it was suchhh a long wait. But I got to have some shut-eye, and facebooked a little. Hubby was busy sending msgs to family and friends to tell them about me being in labour and that baby was on the way!

Nurses said I was about 9cm (or was it 10 cm), so can start to push. They started prepping up the room, which includes the 2 handle-like things they placed on the side of my bed to put my legs…and this funny boots that Dr Don will be wearing.


Ard 6.30pm:
I started to push…oh gosh, what hard work it was! Nurses asked hubby to help me count to 10, and me to hold my push till the 10 counts were over…as if I’m doing a very big poo. Think I was at it for about half an hour. I was making progress…but still a long way to go.

Dr Don is here! So the nurses let him take over from here while they play the supporting role. He encouraged me to push…and told me that they could see the baby’s head. Think about 30-45 minutes of pushing and resting, he asked I want to use vacuum to speed things up. Told us that I was in labour for quite long so am quite drained out…was afraid that if this kept up for too long, I’ll end up having a C-section. I gave the ok to use the vacuum (and he told me he still need me to push).


Think after 2-3 pushes…our darling baby was finally out! They placed her on my tummy and I used my left hand to grab her legs, which felt slimy. Was feeling very drowsy at that point, and the nurses took her away to be cleaned and measured. Hubby was asked to observe. Then I felt Dr Don delivering the placenta. Felt the icky sensation of the cord being pulled out of me, and could take it anymore…so I puked! Heard him telling the nurse to give me the basin…as the effects of the epi has kicked in. He then did the stitching, which didn’t take too long. He told me the nurses will clean me up and asked how I felt. Told him I felt cold. Can’t remember what he said…but heard that he’ll come over to check on my first thing the next morning.

8-ish pm:
Nurses started cleaning me up by changing me into clean underwear with pad, and a fresh hospital gown. Asked if I want to start breastfeeding…and I requested to do it later coz I was still drowsy. Then they transferred me to a trolley bed so I could be wheeled to my Single Deluxe room at Our Lady Ward. Gosh, I feel really cold. Nurses started doing my urine drip thing…and some other things I can’t recall. I asked if I can have something to eat, as my tummy was feeling uncomfortable. They say they can only give me Milo with crackers, in case I vomit again. This was fine with me…at least something to fill my tummy.

The rest of the night:
The next few hours were spent resting, eating and texting my boss and colleagues about the good news. They brought Crystabel in at about midnight to be breastfed. Showed me how to do it. And told me that she will be wheeled in every 4 hours for feed. And that pretty much sums up my amazing birth story.

Truth to be told, still can’t believe that I had an amazing person growing inside of my the whole 9 months. And I still do miss being pregnant (well, maybe not the last few months when it got a little uncomfortable to move around). I think it’s one of the best experiences to go through in life! As for now, we’re struggling with the sleepless nights…and hopefully her sleep pattern will be more forgiving as time goes by.Β  Was struggling with some post natal blues in the first week. Hopefully, I’ll get more settled as time goes by. Here’s to many more wonderful moments to experience in being a new mom!

Btw, today…28 December was supposed to be my original EDD. Oh well, Crystabel wanted to give us a little surprise just before Christmas πŸ™‚