Guess I failed in my first mission of this blog. Well, actually more like second mission…first mission was to chronicle my pregnancy journey, which I managed to do for the better half of the journey. Second mission was to jot down every developmental growth of Crystabel. Umm believe me I tried…but it’s just so hard to find time to sit down and type a post. Something just have to be in the way. Either I’m too pooped from looking after her whole day, or that she doesn’t seem to want to go to sleep till past 11pm. Gosh, she’s starting to take over me in terms of her sleeping pattern.

Anyway, let’s try to back track for a bit here…and see what we missed.

Bottle rejection

Yes, my exclusively breastfed baby decided that she hated the bottle (which she has been using for the past 2 weeks or so) when she turned 6 weeks. And so she just refused to drink from any bottle. We changed from Avent to NUK bottles with the silicone teats. Nope, she insists on drinking straight from the source!

Think this must have been ongoing for about 1-2 months, before we decided to give the Pigeon bottle a try. It’s got great reviews that this brand is the safest and is widely accepted by most babies who rejects the bottle. Things improved slightly, but it took a further 1-2 months before she was totally ok with the bottle. Just in time for me to return to work after maternity leave.

Plenty of smiles

We’re pretty lucky to have a smiley baby who loves giving us toothless grins, and started doing so even before she turned 1 month.

It also helped that she was generally ok with anyone who carried her, to make it easier for us when my parents and MIL take turns with the baby care while we’re at work.

Flipping over

She took a while to master the art of flipping over, but was quite persistent to get it right. Think she finally did a proper flip between 4-5 months.

First solid meal

Gave her her first solid meal a day before she turned 6 months. Started off with avocado puree with breastmilk, and she loved it! From there, we applied the 3-day rule while trying out other fruits/veges like pumpkin, sweet potato, apples (not so keen), pears.

Am happy to say that she is progressing well in her solid feeds. She can take rather pasty texture right now at 7.5 months, and I don’t really have to add breastmilk in all her purees. Only those that are rather tarty like apricot. We hope to start her on porridge soon.

Two front teeth

She sprouted 2 lower teeth at 6 moths 2 weeks. Was quite of a hassle for us and her. She actually drank less than normal for abt 2-3 days while she was teething. We guessed that her gums were painful. So instead of giving her fruit/vege puree like we normally did, she had organic cereal for those few days. She loved it actually, so it was all good.

First words/babble

Not sure if it counts as her first words, but they were ‘ama ma ma ma’ 🙂 And this was followed by ‘aba ba ba ba’

My sticky glue

Remember how I said she was ok with anyone who carried her? Well, she started getting sticky towards me ard 7 months. Will reach her hands to be carried when I am in sight, and will cry/wail if her request is not met.