So this little girl of mine has been cruising since she was around 11 months. During this stage, she’d hold on to various furniture around the house to help her get from point A to B (which is not very far!). I guess what took her so long in walking independently (the other Dec 2012 babies started walking around the 12 months mark) was her fear of falling down. We often encouraged her to walk towards us (choosing the direction where she had nothing to hold on to), but the most she’d walk is maybe 3-5 steps.

And then something different happened last week. As usual, I coaxed her to walk towards me (with my hands outstretched to give her the impression that she can lean forward and hold on to my hand). Though I’d make things tricky this time – instead of letting her hold on to me, I inch just a bit further each time her hands were about to touch mine. Before I knew it, my 15-month-old was walking all on her own! And she looked proud and excited when she realised what was happening at that moment.

toddler walking milestone
From cruising with the Fisher Price Stride-to-ride Lion, she can now walk on her own…

And in true mummy fashion, I made sure that I have a record of that first wobbly steps of hers! Check out the video below:

When did your kiddos take their first steps – and how di