Now that my 1-year-old is actively walking and running around at home, we feel that it may be more convenient to have her in pull-up diapers instead of the ones with tapes at the sides. I, for one, am struggling a little when it comes to diaper changes. It’s a given that she can no longer lie still – she needs something to hold to keep her occupied (the bottle of lotion, a sock, or one of her toys). To top that off, she finally discovered that the easiest way to annoy me is to deliberately pull off the tapes of the diaper when I’m putting lotion on her body. Sometimes, I feel that she enjoys doing that just to see the reaction on my face, which is evident from her giggles after I give her a mock look of horror.

Ahhh my little drama queen!

Anyway, I have been using Huggies Ultra diapers from day 1, so naturally I started looking out for the pull-up pants that the brand carries. Call it a case of perfect timing or something to that effect, but the week that I started looking around for the Huggies Ultra Pants, the brand launched its new (and seemingly improved) design and packaging of diapers in the market.

huggies ultra
The familiar Huggies Ultra Pants that I was looking out for is now replaced with a brand new design.Picture courtesy of As you can see, stocks for this is temporarily unavailable, as I think they are now selling the ones in the new packaging 

A look at the New Huggies Ultra Pants

While scanning the shelves of the neighbourhood supermarket, I found the new Huggies Ultra Pants:

huggies ultra
The new Huggies Ultra pants now come in designs for both boys and girls.

Instead of a universal design that’s good for both boys and girls, the new packs now come in special designs and colours for boys and girls. Pink for girls and Blue for boys. Notice how the pack has shrunk – only 28 pieces per pack, instead of 44 with the previous version. If you do the math, each piece does cost a bit higher now but thankfully it’s just a few cents extra. But still, I was not very impressed with the fact that the packets have shrunk! I’d prefer to have more in a pack, so that it could last me longer. Also saves space when it comes to stocking up on diapers in my store room. More packets = more space needed.

New features

The new Huggies Ultra Pants boasts of improved overnight absorbency, which I hope really lives up to the promise. I’ve not tried the Huggies Ultra Pants in the old packaging, but in the 1.5 years that I have been using Huggies Ultra diapers for daytime use, I’ve had a couple of leaking incidents in my daughter’s diapers. First was during the newborn period where it leaked onto her dad’s shirt while he was carrying her – back then, we thought it was because we did not fasten the tapes properly. And the latest one was a few weeks ago where her pee leaked onto the floor, even though it was fastened securely this time.

The other new feature I’ve noticed is the easy open sides. Apparently, there are tapes at the sides of the Huggies Ultra Pants to give parents an easier time when it comes to removing the soiled diapers. But from the comments of parents that have tried the Huggies Ultra Pants on their little ones, it seems that the tapes may be too easy to remove (not a good point when you’ve got a tot with inquisitive little fingers who’s just waiting to do that every chance she’s got!).

Sample pack

I’ve requested for a sample pack to try out a couple of weeks back, and was notified via SMS that it would arrive 2.5 weeks later.

huggies ultra pants
SMS notification from Huggies

Well, it’s been a little over 2 weeks now – hopefully the sample arrives soon. Wonder why it takes so long for 1 small sample to be mailed out…

Have you tried the new Huggies Ultra Pants? What do/don’t you like about it?