Since Crystabel started walking a few weeks ago, hubby and I decided that we really should look around for a suitable safety gate to keep our TV console area out of bounds. Knowing our little girl all too well, it won’t be long until she picks up the courage to walk over the other end of her play area (which is our small living room) to ‘explore’ the electronic items that are lined up in front of the TV.

We first thought of getting the safety gate from IKEA, but after studying the appearance and mechanism, hubby told me that it’s not suitable for the way we intend to use it. You see, most of these safety gates require 2 solid ends to hold the gate together so that they won’t fall on the toddler who may be trying to break free to the other side. We need an L-shape setup that could ‘stand up’ on its own without having to mount to the wall.

I asked my other mummy friends for recommendations. One of them suggested the Bear Zone Play Yard, as she’s currently using that in her home. She told me that I may be able to get a 2nd hand set through one of the pre-loved Facebook Groups, like her. She directed me to one mummy who was selling her set, but we found out that her item was sold out long ago.

While hubby and I continued searching online, we decided to check if SOSOON carried safety gates under the baby section. Turns out, they do have the baby play yard, which could be set up in a wide range of shapes – just what we need. This was sold in a set of 4 pieces. I left the measuring and counting to hubby, to determine how many sets we need for our TV console area. He told me that we need 2 sets (8 pieces) to cover up the area.

Setting up the play yard

As promised, the play yard arrived at our doorstep the very next day.

The play yard was delivered to us in this huge box.
2 sets of the play yard, ready for setup.

Well, looks like hubby miscalculated on the number of panels that we need to cover up the area. We needed more for the sides of the TV console.

Oops….looks like someone miscalculated the number of pieces needed!

Order Round #2

We decided that we probably need an additional 2 sets (8 pieces) to cover up the entire area nicely. So off we go surfing on SOSOON to place an order for that.

Now, this is where things started to get interesting.

I was overjoyed to find out that SOSOON was having discounts on selected items…and our play yard was one of them.

The category page showed that the play yard was at a discounted price!

However, my happiness was rather short-lived – as when I clicked on the item, it still showed the original price!

The discounted price was not reflected when I clicked on the item.

By then, I was both confused and frustrated – because I REALLY wanted that extra set to complete my TV console area. So, hubby suggested that I email the marketing dept to ask them about the difference in price on the pages.

I sent the print screens of both pages through email, and was delighted to get a reply first thing in the morning the very next day. The marketing person told me courteously that someone will be in touch with me within the day regarding this matter. They really did keep to their words, as I got a call from a lady named Fiona from the sales department later that morning when I was at work.

She explained to me that it was a backend error. The play yard was not supposed to be on a discount price, but for some reason their system registered it as on 20% off. As I work in digital publishing, I totally understand where they were coming from. I was about to wave the whole thing off, as after all it was not their fault. However, she surprised me by saying that SOSOON would like to honour the discounted price that was reflected on the page I came across but with the following conditions:

– They only had 1 set available at the moment, and the new stock is scheduled to arrive only at the end of the month. Would it be ok if I just go ahead with their last piece first?

– Payment would have to be made by cash through the delivery guy, as they will not be processing this order through the system. She added that if I confirmed my order with her that morning, she could get the item delivered to my doorstep that same afternoon.

I told her to proceed with that last set, but requested to make a note that I’d need another set when their new stocks arrive.

Completing the play area

As promised, the extra set arrived that afternoon…and hubby got straight to work that night at fixing it up.

Our play yard is now complete…looks like we only needed an extra set (instead of 2)!

We discovered that this extra set was sufficient to cover up our TV console area. We didn’t need another one like what we originally planned.

So, I sent another email to Fiona to thank her for making the order process so smooth and for letting me have it at the ‘discounted price’. Also told her that I will not be needing another set when the new stock arrive, so she can cancel it off the list. She was very nice about it and was glad that I managed to complete the barricade of my play area.

As a whole, I was extremely satisfied with my purchase of the play yard on SOSOON – particularly my 2nd purchase. I really hope they’ll build up their items on their site soon, so I can order directly from there – and it’ll be delivered to my home the very next day 🙂

Note: I was not paid by SOSOON to write this review of my shopping experience. Just thought that I should share my amazing shopping experience with them, yet again. After all, didn’t someone once said, “Good things are meant to be shared”?

Happy shopping mummies and daddies! Do share with me your experiences of shopping online – and what other amazing sites where I can buy stuffs for the little girl 🙂