Since the little missy has been keeping herself busy exploring every corner of the house these days, I thought that it’d be good to let her have a go at playing in an indoor playground. So after looking around for reviews on indoor playgrounds, we decided to give Fidgets World at The Grandstand a try.

It seems that The Grandstand at Turf City recently underwent a major revamp, and has transformed into a family-friendly shopping destination. What this means is that all the relevant enrichment and play centres, as well as retail outlets for kids are now housed under 1 roof at The Grandstand.

But most importantly, I’ve also heard that Fidgets World, an indoor playground for kids, also had a makeover not too long ago.

fidgets world, the grandstand
As expected, the weekend crowd at Fidgets World was crazy!

Despite having quite a spacious reception area, this was packed to the brim with parents and kids waiting to enter the indoor playground.

fidgets world, the grandstand
Me and Crystabel, waiting to get into Fidgets World.

Entrance fees at Fidgets World are as follows:

1-2-year-olds – $10 for unlimited play

2-10-year-olds – $19 for unlimited play

1 session of arts & craft + unlimited play for 4 years and above – $35

1 session of baking + unlimited play for 4 years and above – $50

Parents and caretakers get in free!

Do note that socks have to be worn at all times upon entering Fidgets World, for hygiene purposes.

fidgets world, the grandstand
Play structure for the bigger kids at Fidgets World.

As we made our way in, we passed by the play structure for the older kids (above 3 years old). We heard a lot of excited screams and laughter, so playing in there must have been so much fun! There were a few mummies and daddies who joined their little ones in the play structure as well.

fidgets world, the grandstand
Arts and crafts session for kids.

As mentioned previously, kids above 4 years old have the option to add in either an arts & crafts session, or a baking session during their visit to Fidgets World. Something I’ll definitely consider next time when Crystabel is older.

fidgets world, the grandstand
Kids enjoying a baking session.

The toddler area

We headed straight to the toddler play area, which was strictly for kids below 3 years old.

fidgets world, the grandstand
The toddler play area at Fidgets World is meant for kids below 3 years old – but I don’t think this rule is enforced hard enough.

But much to my surprise, I saw that there were older kids playing with the bikes in the area as well. I guess it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if these kids could somehow ‘tone down’ the way they play when in this area, because seriously I think it’s actually quite dangerous for them to be in there amongst the tiny toddlers. I had to really look out for the bigger kids who were charging ahead in the bikes, so that they don’t bang into Crystabel or run the wheels onto her toes. In the process of looking out for my daughter’s safety, I got my own toes run over by a boy who going way too fast on the bicycle – meant for TODDLERS! Needless to say, I was not very impressed with this…and there was not even an ‘Oops sorry!’ from the little rascal!

fidgets world, the grandstand
The busy toddler play area on a weekend.

My little girl was a little bit scared to explore this area at first, as it’s a totally new environment for her. But she quickly warmed up when she spotted her all-time favourite thing…

fidgets world, the grandstand
Crystabel started tinkering with the stovetop play set.

Yes, she’e been dying to get her hands on the stovetop play set for the longest time! They have one at the Paed’s clinic, but I refused to let her touch it – as it’s probably been in contact with a multitude of germs from sick kids. So when she saw this at Fidgets, she ran excitedly towards this play set. And so she started to do her version of pretend play in the kitchen: washing hands, turning down the ‘fire’ on the stove, opening the oven door. Oh, she must have picked up all these actions by observing us in the kitchen at home.

fidgets world, the grandstand
Time to explore the ball pool!

Then we took her to explore the ball pool, where she enjoyed immersing herself in the sea of colourful balls with the other toddlers. We also coaxed her to try climbing up the padded obstacle, and she loved pushing the colourful balls from one end to another on the metal bar.

Once she felt comfortable with her surroundings, she started trying out all the toddler toy cars. I had to constantly chase her around to make sure that she does not run too fast – perfect workout for me!

fidgets world, the grandstand
Time to explore the cars!
fidgets world, the grandstand
Trying out for the Girls’ Soccer team! Think Mum would let me?
fidgets world, the grandstand
This rocking chair looks fun…

End of play

Once she’s had enough of playing, we walked over to the nursing room so that I could breastfeed her.

On the way, we passed by the makeover section…

fidgets world, the grandstand
Little girls getting dolled up

I’m not sure where she picked this up from, but this little girl of mine absolutely loves painted nails. She gets excited at the sight of my painted toes, and would point impatiently at her own toes – her way of asking us to have them painted too. Hubby was asking if we could let her paint her nails here…to which i replied with a flat ‘No’! There’s no reason to rush into it now. After all, she’s still a baby in my eyes.

So let’s keep her that way for just a wee longer.

fidgets world, the grandstand
My tired little girl dozed off to dreamland

All the excitement must have worn her off, as halfway through her feed she finally dozed off. It was time for her afternoon nap anyway.

As we were leaving Fidgets World, a kids talent show was happening at the entrance. The kids (or should I say tweens) who were performing, they were really good at singing and performing. No trace of ‘stage fright’ either.

fidgets world, the grandstand
Young talents in action

Fidgets World is located at:

200 Turf Club Road

#03-10 The Grandstand

Singapore 287994

Open daily from 9am to 6pm

Once you’re in The Grandstand, you need to walk through Pasarbella and look for either Lift 2 or Lift 3. We had a hard time looking for it and it’s quite hidden from the main area.

Then take the lift up to level 3 to get to Fidgets World.

What other indoor playgrounds do you recommend for toddlers? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below 🙂