A couple of months ago, we signed up for a Parent-Child baking workshop at Genius R Us – as Crystabel started going gaga over the “I Can Cook” TV show on CBeebies. Needless to say, she was beyond thrilled when we told her our plans for that weekend.

baking workshop at genius r us

I was a bit concerned that she was a little too small to attend a baking class, as she wouldn’t be able to handle most of the tasks and equipment by herself. After all, she was only about 2 year and 5 months old at that time. But I wanted to give her the experience of whipping up something by herself (with help from Mummy, of course), so that she also gets to work on her motor skills and confidence.

The Class

There were quite a few classes and time slots to choose from. We settled for the “Mini Strawberry Cake” class, as I had the image of using fresh strawberries in the recipe – my little girl’s favourite fruit! Turned out, it was only strawberry flavouring and artificial colouring that were used, much to my disappointment.

Since only one parent was allowed to be in the class, poor Daddy had to catch a movie all by himself to kill the 2 hours that we’d be spending in the baking studio. I know that he’d wanted to join us in the class, as he loves baking too.

We were the only Parent-Toddler team in the class. The rest were mostly bigger kids (aged 5 and above), while one Mum came in with 4 kids – with the youngest being just a little bit bigger than Crystabel.

The teacher started off by writing the ingredients that will be used for this recipe, and broke down the steps in about two to three groups of ingredients. I found this particular middle-aged teacher to be a tad impatient: she barked her orders to the kids when they got a little too excited and when a child did something that she was not supposed to, she deliberately pointed that out to the whole class. Nothing like the cheery Katy that made kids laugh on CBeebies. Strangely, she was quite helpful towards me especially when it comes to the whisking of ingredients with the hand mixer.

baking workshop at genius r us
Waiting patiently for the others to finish mixing the cake ingredients. One of the rare moments that she listens to me when I tell her to keep still!

Colouring Fun

So once all the ingredients have been mixed and poured into the pan, the teacher will then assist to put them into the oven. While waiting, the kids were given a small activity to complete: decorate the cake box in which we would later place the Mini Strawberry Cake in to take home. This definitely helped to keep the kids busy and occupied while the cake was baking in the oven.

baking workshop at genius r us
Little girl hard at work at her masterpiece!


baking workshop at genius r us
How the end product looked like! Guess which one was done with Mummy? 🙂


Once the “ding” of the oven sounded, all the kids looked over eagerly while the teacher checked each cake to make sure that they were all baked nicely. She then placed the respective cakes in front of each kid (the pan was labelled with their names beforehand). And now, the REAL fun begins: decorating the cake with coloured fresh cream!

baking workshop at genius r us
This is what happens when Mummy does not really have an artistic flair to begin with!


After all the decorating was done and dusted, the teacher went around the tables to take individual shots of the kids with their creations. These shots were later printed and placed in a cardboard photo frame. This is definitely a nice keepsake to keep from attending the class, especially if you are attending with your kids for the first time.

Overall Thoughts and tips on attending the Baking Workshop:

  • While it was fun attending this baking workshop at Genius R Us with Crystabel, I felt that she would benefit from it more if she was a bit bigger. There are many things older kids can learn from a baking class this this, for example, how to measure ingredients accurately, follow instructions from a recipe and actually be involved in preparing their own food (or treat, in this case).
  • The minimum age to attend this workshop is 2.5 years old. But if you do decide to attend with your toddler, be prepared to do ALL the main work while your little one becomes your helper.
  • I was a little uncomfortable with the use of artificial ingredients in the recipe. Hopefully, the studio could look into this and opt for more wholesome ingredients in their recipes – as it is a kids baking workshop after all.
  • Although there is a Parent-Child package offered by the studio, it’d be great if they are able open up an option for both parents to attend the class with the child. I’m sure most parents would be thrilled to be able to bond with their kids with a fun activity like this, and wouldn’t mind topping up a bit extra.
  • The studio can get quite cold at some point, so make sure to pack a sweater for your little one!


baking workshop at genius r us
Finally got to enjoy her hard work – at home!


Genius R Us is located at:

180 Kitchener Road

City Square Mall #07-08

Singapore 208539

Nearest MRT: Farrer Park Station (North East Line)

For more details and to book a spot for the workshop, click here.


Note: This is not a paid post. The writer is merely sharing her experience attending this workshop and all views are wholly her own.