Most of us know that oranges are loaded with Vitamin C. But what I didn’t know was that steamed orange with salt is a home remedy for prolonged cough that many people swear by.

I was having an episode of prolonged cough myself a couple of months back. Didn’t really want to see the doctor and be loaded with medication, so thought that it wouldn’t hurt to give this home remedy a try.

For the first few days, my cough did get slightly better – but then it came back again with a vengeance. Dragged myself to the doctor and the persistent cough cleared up after 2 courses of antibiotics.

Although it didn’t work for me as my cough bug was probably too strong back then, some of you might want to give it a try – especially if you’re leaning towards cough remedies that are gentler and more natural.

Here’s how I prepared the steamed orange with salt:


steamed orange with salt
A step-by-step guide to prepare the Steamed Orange with Salt!
  1. Soak orange in salt water for 15 minutes. For 1 cup of water, use 1 teaspoon of salt. This step is to clean the skin of the orange thoroughly as you will be drinking the salty orange water that will drip out of the fruit later on.
  2. Cut the top of the orange to make a cover.
  3. Using a fork, poke through the fruit several times. This helps the salt to be absorbed better later.
  4. Spread 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of salt at the top of the fruit. I use sea salt.
  5. Place the top of the orange to “cover” it up.
  6. Place the orange in a bowl and double boil in a pot/pan for 15 minutes.
  7. Serve it while it’s warm.
steamed orange with salt
Steamed Orange with Salt: Double boil for 15 mins and eat it while it’s warm!


  • Eat the orange and drink the salty orange juice while it is still warm. This combo is the main element that helps in clearing up the cough.
  • Do not eat the peel.
  • Do not serve to kids under 2.5 years old, due to the high salt content. Their bodies may not be ready to synthesise salt in such high concentration.
  • Best to consume this steamed orange with salt for the next 5 days. It is said that the cough symptoms will slowly taper off from day to day.
  • If cough symptoms still persist (like what happened to me!), see your doctor immediately.