taking kids on cable car rides
She was asleep when we first boarded. Woke up halfway and realised she was in a cable car!

Over the long Deepavali weekend this month, we made a road trip down to KL for food and lots of shopping. And since we were there already, we thought why not take a bus up to Genting and ride the cable car all the way up to the highlands to enjoy the breeze and let the Little Missy enjoy her carnival rides (her current obsession!).

We were crossing our fingers that she won’t develop a fear of heights, as the ride was a good 20 minutes. Turns out, she was extremely excited throughout the whole trip without an ounce of fear in her. In fact, the adults were the ones who were shaking inside – although we tried our best not to let it show, as we did not want it to affect Crystabel.

Keeping Kids Safe on Cable Car Rides

Cable car rides can be fun and exciting for kids, as it is a whole new travelling experience for them. However, there are some safety measures to take note of when taking the little ones along for the ride:

1. Move quickly – and follow the instructions of the safety officer

taking kids on cable car rides

Boarding the cable car is all about keeping to the right timing. Once it arrives on the arrival platform, a short lapse of time will be given for the current passengers to hop off the cabin. The cable car will then move forward to the departure platform to allow passengers to hop on board.

Always look out for the OK signals from the safety officers when it comes to getting on and off the cabin. Get everyone ready beforehand, and keep the kids close to you. Let them know what is going to happen next, and give clear instructions for getting on and off the cabin. Make sure to hold on to your belongings as well, as it will be such as hassle if you were to leave it behind!


2. Stay seated at all times

taking kids on cable car rides

Once everyone is in the cabin, give clear instructions (and stern warning, if needed) to the kids that the only place they should be in is in their seats. Do not allow them to stand on the seats or put their heads out of the window. You are travelling in a vehicle that is way off the ground, and doing any of those is indeed VERY dangerous.


3. Keep the windows open

The last thing you want is to feel out of breath and stuffy in the cabin. Make sure to leave the windows at the top open so that there is good air circulation. After all, isn’t that that why you want to go up to the highlands in the first place – to enjoy the cool breeze?


4. Keep em’ close!

taking kids on cable car rides

Once seated in the cabin, keep your kids as close to you as possible. Hold their hands or shoulders, or have them sit on your lap. Here’s where you need to remind them NOT to move about too much as well.

For younger toddlers, it is best if you could babywear them – either in a sling or carrier. Just be sure to check that the sling/carrier is put in place securely.


5. Fold up the strollers

If you are taking a stroller along, make sure to fold it up before boarding the cable car. You should not travel in the cabin with your child in the stroller. Not only will it be risky to carry the open stroller into the cabin while it is moving slowly at the platform, the space inside the cable car will definitely not be able to fit in a bulky stroller.

Now, you won’t want to inconvenience other passengers in the cabin, do you?


6. Face the other way!

taking kids on cable car rides

If you (like me), are slightly afraid of heights, try to choose a seat that looks out towards the “back view” as opposed to the front. Somehow, I found that looking out towards the back isn’t as bad as the front – and the height does not seem so scary.

But whatever you do, try not to show your fear in front of the kids. They will pick up your emotions in a flash, and might be influenced by your fear. We all really should teach them to be fearless and open to new experiences, right?


7. Talk to the kids

Now that you are finally on the cable car with the kids, take this chance to talk to them about it. Get them excited about the destination, and point out things that you all can see from the window (e.g. the trees, a passing bird/squirrel/monkey, people in the next cable car).

For kids who might be a bit iffy about the height, this might take things off their mind – at least for a while. I believe it helps to keep them calm too!