Crystabel will be starting at her new pre-school next week. And this only means that I need to start from square one again when it comes to labelling her belongings, which includes her uniform!

Me, being the clueless first-time mum, didn’t label her uniform at the previous pre-school – and her class teachers kindly helped us out by writing her name at an obscure spot with a marker pen.

This time round, I resolve to be more prepared and organised. I’ve heard of other mums using iron-on labels for this, and so the search for these labels begin.

label of love studio review
The design I ordered from Label of Love Studio

I was contemplating to use the same company which I ordered her name stickers from the last time, but since we were a mere 3 weeks away to the start of the term, the labels would definitely not arrive in time. The shipping time for this company takes longer, as it is shipped from Switzerland.

While looking for alternatives, I chanced upon Label of Love Studio. Started to take a liking to all their personalised items – from stickers and name labels to rompers, tees and keychains. Saw that they had a cute selection of iron-on labels, and was totally sold!

Label of Love Studio

label of love studio review

A set of iron on labels comes with:

  • 40 pieces of labels (Choose from these options: Round 30mm, Standard 51mm x 13.5mm, 20pcs Round + 20 pcs Standard – Top up $1 to the price for this)
  • A small piece of parchment paper
  • A set of printed instructions

You’d just need to indicate the name to be printed on the label. If you want to personalise it further by changing the font type, colour and avatar used, each personalisation costs $0.50.



I received the labels in the mail about a week after placing my order. The staff who notified me through email was very nice to confirm that I needed the labels in time for the new school year and not Christmas, as we were days away from Christmas at that time. I replied by saying that so long as it arrives before the new school term, it’s fine. But turns out, the package arrived 2 days before Christmas 🙂

Very speedy delivery service, so there’s no need to fret about delays.


Was it easy to use?

label of love studio review

The instructions that came with the labels were pretty clear and simple. I tried it with one, and then demonstrated to my helper who picked it up right away. She then took over and completed the ironing for all the individual pieces of clothing that make up her school uniform.

So far, I found that the labels stick on quite well to the clothes, and I’ve washed them all after ironing the label on. I also love how they add a cute, personalised touch to the uniform.


For more details… 

I highly recommend that you check out Label of Love Studio if you are looking for some good iron-on name labels. And do check out their other product ranges too 🙂



DISCLAIMER: I did not receive sponsorship for this product. This post was created purely to share my review and good experience with the product with other mums