Every week, the kids in Crystabel’s Nursery 2 class learn a letter of the alphabet and the sounds that that letter makes. Another highlight of the class activity is the brainstorming session on words that start with that letter – and they are sort of given a clue through a mystery bag. What this means that the teacher will pass around a bag filled with items that start with the letter that they are learning, to inspire them with ideas.

I’ve written a note asking her teacher how is she doing with the brainstorming sessions, because when we try to do that exercise with her at home, either of the following scenarios will take place:

  • If she is in a good mood, she will name some words that she know (e.g. A is for Apple, B is for Ball, Balloon etc)
  • If she is bored or distracted, she will answer “I don’t know” to try to get away with it

So to help build up on her word association skills, I turned to my favourite website to search for some activity printables: themeasuredmom.com

Sorting Mats for Learning Consonant Sounds 

consonant sounds free printable
This was how I organised my printables!

I found exactly what I needed, as the website has a sorting mat printable for learning consonant sounds.

I thought it also made a great activity to do with her when we are travelling to and from school/work in the car on weekdays.

On the webpage, the blogger has actually set out the rules and instructions on how you can do this activity with your pre-schooler. But since Crystabel is still at the beginner’s level, here’s how I plan to do it with her:

  • Go through each consonant letter mat individually, with the pictures intact. The idea here is to get her used to the words that start with the letter.
  • As she gets more familiar, I will then mix up all the picture pieces and get her to fix them at the right places.

How to Prepare:

consonant sounds free printables

Here are just some things that I did to make this printable into a handy activity pack:

  1. Print all the sheets in full colour.
  2. Laminate each page. (At time of writing, I am totally obsessed with our laminator bought from Popular!)
  3. Cut out the consonant mats, as well as the picture pieces. (To speed things up, try to get someone to help you out with this – either hubby or an older child)
  4. As the velcro pieces that I had didn’t really stick well, I came up with my own alternative for sticking. I stuck double sided tape on the grey squares of each letter mat, AND at the back of each picture piece. Tested a few of them, and it seems to still stick well even after a few rounds of removing+sticking back.
  5. Punch a hole at the top left of each mat.
  6. Group the mats together with a ring clip for easy storage and organisation. I clipped mine in sets of either 3 or 4 for easier handling.


In case you missed the link, you can download this FREE printable here. Just make sure to read the blogger’s rules for usage and downloads at the start of the PDF – and respect them.

Hope you and your kids enjoy this activity as much as us! 🙂