Teaching kids to write their name is one of the first steps in literacy during the early years. Since Crystabel is more or less familiar with the letters of the alphabet (she gets confused with the upper and lower case of some letters), I thought I’d get her started on writing her own name.

I found this really cool printable that was designed just for this!

Teaching Kids to Write their Name

All you need to do is to:

  • Download the printable file here
  • Edit the file with your child’s name
  • Print as many copies as you need


We had our first test run last weekend, and so far it’s looking good. She still needs to be reminded on the correct strokes when writing certain letters, but other than that no major issues here.

Of course, she looks forward to completing the sheet, as it means that she could colour the design elements and make it look pretty.

Teaching Kids to Write their Name

I will update again when I find other cool printables for pre-schoolers, but in the meantime do enjoy this one that teaches kids to write their own name 🙂