A few of my friends have been raving to me about shopping on iHerb.com for health supplements, organic snacks and baby products.

According to them, the items that we would normally find here in Singapore is priced MUCH LOWER on iHerb and that shipping is FREE for orders over $40. The only thing that put me off back then was that the estimated delivery time was between 1-2 weeks. This might not work for me on occasions when I need the products urgently. Locally, some items can be found on Qoo10 as well and it takes just a few days to be delivered.

It wasn’t until lately that I browsed through iHerb again, and found that the supplements that I usually buy for Crystabel – either from the retail stores or on Qoo10 – were so much cheaper!

I was completely sold and started accumulating items in my shopping cart immediately. (Tip: It really doesn’t take much to accumulate a minimum of $40 on iHerb)


Savings on iHerb.com

To demonstrate the type of savings that you can expect to enjoy on iHerb, let’s take the Sambucol For Kids supplement that I usually stock up:

shopping on iherb

On iHerb, a 120ml bottle costs $15.48. Buy 4 bottles and save an additional 5%, making it $14.70 per bottle.

shopping on iherb

On Qoo10, this same product is selling for $19.90 per bottle and to qualify for free shipping, you’d need to spend $60 and above on products by this seller.




As mentioned before, shipping is free for orders above S$40. However, in instances where you don’t meet this minimum the shipping rates are quite reasonable as well.

So, for example if you were to buy 4 boxes of Almond Milk ($5.56 each) which totals up to $22.44, the calculated shipping cost for this order would be $5.54. I think this is quite standard and just a tad more expensive that shipping rates on Qoo10.

shopping on iherb


Delivery Time

Upon checkout, the estimated delivery date will be indicated on your order. This is usually 2 weeks after payment has been made.

But for my case, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my package arrived after just 1 week.

shopping on iherb
My first purchase order on iHerb


Get rewarded for shopping!

Each time you shop on iHerb, you’ll get a 10% loyalty credit from your order – which you can use to offset your next order. The validity for this loyalty credit is approximately 2 months.

What’s more, once you set up an account on iHerb, you’ll also be given a unique code to share with your friends or whomever that you meet.

With this code:

  • Your friends will get $5 off their first purchase order
  • You’ll get a $5 credit + 5% off your next order

So, are you ready to shop yet?


Get $5 OFF your first purchase!

If you have not signed up for an iHerb account yet, now’s a great time to do it 🙂

And just before you check out your items, look for the the box that comes with the liner “Apply Rewards Code or Promo Code”:

Shopping on iHerb
Here’s where you can enter my PROMO CODE (MSM099) to get $5 off your first order!

Enter my promo code: MSM099 to get $5 off your first order!

From here, you’ll be given your own promo code which you can share with your friends as well and start enjoying credits.


So, go on and explore the world of iHerb.comHappy Shopping!


Note: This is a non-sponsored post – all opinions are 100% my own.