When it comes to soap, I tend to lean towards the liquid or foam type rather than bar soaps. But when I first laid eyes on the handmade soaps by Alletsoap, I couldn’t get over how irresistibly pretty they were!

Alletsoap is the brainchild of Stella Chang, a working mummy of two kids (aged 16 and 10) – and the sister of one of my closest friends from school. This creative mama shared with me that Alletsoap would not be what it is today without the love and support from her hubby and two kids. In fact, if you happen to catch her at one of her weekend pop up stalls, you’ll see her beautiful family doing what they can to support her – right by her side.

Now, that explains where the sweetness of the soaps came from!


I was pretty intrigued with Alletsoap and was curious to know how it all started. Stella who was nice enough to walk me through the beginnings of her soap business, and enlighten me on the difference between soaps and scrub bars:


Hi Stella, what’s the story behind Alletsoap? 

‘Alletsoap’ is actually my name spelt backwards – with the addition of the word ‘soap’. Another meaning to it is ‘all lets soap’. The idea for this business started during one of my holidays trips in Taiwan where I discovered a handmade goat milk bath soap that I really liked. In Singapore, it is hard to find bar soaps (the non-commercial type) that is affordable and can be used daily. That was when I started exploring and making soaps for my own use.

What challenges have you encountered when it comes to soap making?

One of the biggest challenges that I’ve faced in soap making is sourcing for the materials. Most of the materials used in my soaps are natural ingredients such as palm oil, coconut oil, shea butter and pure essential oils. These items need to be purchased from either Malaysia, the U.S. or U.K. as it is not easy to source them locally. Even the skin safe colourants are limited if I were to rely on what’s available here. For example, the choices of colours are pretty standard – e.g. Blue is just plain blue, whereas in the U.S., there is such a wide range of blue shades to choose from such as turquoise, caribbean, bright blue…and the list goes on!




Is there a theme to the designs of your soap?

I have soaps that come in all sorts of shapes, scents and colours. I also have custom-made ones to suit the various celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas. I do themed designs for wedding favours and corporate gifts too.

Which designs are your best-sellers?

My best-selling soaps include the Swirl Lemongrass Lavender (just the thing you need to perk up your morning bath) and the Goatmilk Honey. My Rosemary Lavender creation is also a hot favourite – I got the idea for this thanks to a loyal and supportive customer.

How do you sell your soaps?

I participate in flea markets, bazaars and pop up booths approximately once or twice a month where I put up my handmade soaps for sale. My creations can also be bought online via www.alletsoap.com and carousell.com/alletsoap. Orders placed online will be shipped via Singpost within two days of payment. Delivery charges will be waived with a minimum order of five pieces.
We also take extra care to ensure that items ordered are well packed and padded in shipping boxes, so there’s no need to worry about potential damages to the soaps.

What’s the price range for your soaps?

Prices for my soaps range from $3/pc for a 1 oz bar to $7/pc for a 5.5oz bar.




Are your soaps suitable for people with sensitive skin?

Yes, I have sensitive skin myself and I have no issues so far as all my soaps are made from natural ingredients that are quite gentle to the skin. But for those with sensitive skin, I’d advice against using the scrub bar to avoid flaring up the skin.
Just to share, my scrub bars are like exfoliants which contain one of the following ingredients: lavender powder, rosemary powder, chamomile powder or apricot powder. Although these ingredients are quite mild, it is still best to err on the side of caution and not use them, especially if you have very sensitive skin.

Do you take overseas orders?

At the moment, I do not take overseas order due to the shipping charges – the soaps are really ‘heavy’.

Do you take orders for breastmilk soaps too?

I have many customers asking me about the breastmilk soaps, but I have yet to take that step. Hopefully, as our presence grows, this could be something for me to work towards in the future.




What is your next big plan for Alletsoap?

I hope to set up a retail shop where my customers can come in and smell the heavenly scents of the soaps throughout the day.

Complete this sentence: When I am not busy making soaps, I love to…..

Make ‘nyonya kuih’! This is one of the reasons why my soaps are as colourful as my interest in these delicious ‘kuihs’.



A huge Thank You to Stella for sharing the beautiful beginnings of Alletsoap with me. Rest assured, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed so that you’ll be able set up shop real soon so I can pop in to give my eyes and senses a real treat! You are truly an inspiration for all mums out there, and I’m certain that your kiddos and hubby are very proud of you.

Stella has kindly offered an exclusive deal on her handmade soaps for all readers of Toolittleones!

**Exclusive Deal for Readers of Toolittleones**

Get a FREE bar of soap with any purchase made with Alletsoap. Just quote “Toolittleones” to enjoy this offer.


Only applicable for first-time purchase online or onsite (where Stella sets up her booth). For online purchases, kindly contact Stella directly to place your order and redeem the free bar of soap.

You may choose any available soap design of your choice as the free item – do note that this is valid for first-time purchases only.



Online stores:






Do follow Alletsoap on Facebook to get updates on Stella’s weekend pop-up booth location!



All pictures in this post are courtesy of Stella from Alletsoap.


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