After failing to get a BFP on our first round of Clomid, my gynae took charge of the situation by increasing my dosage of Clomid for this cycle. From 100mg per day for 5 days, he got me to take the max dosage at 150mg per day for 5 days.

Went in for a scan on Day 8 to check on the follicles and uterine lining – follicles still on the small side and lining a bit thin. But from my past records, day 8 is still too early for any positive symptoms to pinpoint ovulation. Was given 2 days’ worth of Clomid to speed things up, and I was to come in on Day 15 for a scan again. However, he advised me to start checking for ovulation once I am done with the 2 days’ worth of Clomid – just in case it happens to come early before our next appointment.

In between that time period, we went on a short holiday and got to relax a little. I managed to test with the OPK and took my BBT, but did not get a positive test. Usually, on normal cycles, my O day falls between day 17-22.

During my gynae visit on Day 15, finally things are looking better than the last time. I’ve got a good sized follicle on one side while the dominant one on the other side is of average size. Uterine lining is nice and thick. I was advised to get the Pregnyl injection to kickstart ovulation and time our intercourse accordingly, but was asked to make a choice whether I’d want to get the jab on the day itself or come back in 2 days to give time for the follicles to grow bigger and lining to grow thicker. However, Dr told me that there might be a risk that in between now and the next visit, ovulation might occur and I would have missed the chance to get the jab.

I told him to give me the jab that very day, since he mentioned that my good sized follicle and thickness of the lining make the condition acceptable for the jab.

Prior to this, I did some reading on the Pregnyl injection and here are some facts I’ve found on netdoctor:

clomid with pregnyl
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What is Pregnyl used for?

Pregnyl injections are commonly used to stimulate ovulation in women who are trying to get pregnant – if for some reasons, they are not able to ovulate naturally or on time (like my case).

How does it work:

The Pregnyl injection contains the chrionic gonadotropin hormone (also known as HCG). HCG is usually used with the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinising hormone (LH) for infertility treatments.

In regular cases, FSH increases the number of growing follicles and encourages their development. Within the follicles are developing eggs. FSH also increases the production of estrogen, which helps the largest follicle to continue growing. With the surge of estrogen in the blood, the LH hormone will be triggered, and this results in the release of an egg from the ovary – a process more commonly known as ovulation.

What the Pregnyl injection does is to stimulate follicles to mature and ovulation to occur. It is also widely used in in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment.

Once a woman is injected with the Pregnyl injection, ovulation is forecasted to occur within 32 to 36 hours.

What do I need to do after getting jabbed?

As per my gynae’s instruction, we are to time our baby dancing activity starting from the next day and the day after (both morning and night).

Do I need to keep testing with the OPK?

My gynae told me that there is no need to, and even if I were to test, it will be positive from the moment I received the jab.

I know that I’m supposed to trust him, but I can’t help doing a test to see for myself if his words were right.

clomid with pregnyl

Sure enough I got a positive kit the next morning – time to get busy!

So, what happens if this still don’t get me pregnant?

I threw this question to my gynae, and this was his advice:

I have 2 choices – either keep up with this course of treatment (Clomid + Pregnyl) or I might want to consider IUI.

I asked why IUI and not go straight to IVF? He smiled and asked if I’m ready to face IVF? Well, if it’s the only resort left I don’t have a choice right?

He told me that this is not the last resort, and even if I were to consult a specialist at a fertility centre, I’d be put through IUI first. I asked about the success rate for each, and here’s what he told me (based on my current age):

IUI – 15%

IVF – Less than 40%

Not very encouraging numbers there! I was told not to get too stressed up and make this seem like a chore, but to try to enjoy the process as it goes along. Hmmm a little bit challenging to do that, since we have been at it for more than a year.

But I guess there’s nothing much we can do except to hope for the best this cycle. Hopefully we are able to conceive with the extra help from the jab – but if not, I think I’ll try it for a few more cycles before deciding on IUI vs IVF.

To be honest, coping with the entire TTC process has been challenging for me – especially on the emotional end. It also made me realise that age is catching up, and until today I am still puzzled why things are so much harder this time round compared when we had Little Miss C – I got pregnant with her after just 2 tries! And in the meantime, she has shown interest in the thought of having a younger sibling and keeps asking when πŸ˜€