If you are reading this, you are probably baffled by your wife’s rage of emotions as you both try to conceive baby #2 – only to find out that this time round, getting pregnant is no longer a one-hit wonder.

Although you think that she is overreacting with this whole ‘trying to conceive the second time round’ matter and that her hormones is out of whack, please try to go easy on her – there are many reasons behind her erratic behavior.

After charting her basal body temperature and pee-ing on ovulation test kits for months, only to have Aunt Flo make her grand entrance at the end of the cycle, she feels discouraged and does not understand why the coveted BFP is so unattainable this time. Right about now, she might even be blaming herself for this – especially since the test on your little swimmers were cleared by the doctor.

She does not fully comprehend why it is much harder to get pregnant this time if her womb, the follicles and the uterine lining are functioning well. Could it be the tubes? She asks for your opinion on getting an HSG done to check things out.
Don’t take it to heart if she lashes out at you when you try to motivate her by saying, “Let’s try harder, it might just be a matter of timing”. At this point in time, she does not believe that it is as simple as that.

So, what CAN you do apart from watching the love of your life act neurotic every month?

For starters, you might want to start by acknowledging that things are more challenging this time. Let her know that you are aware of the things that she is going through and make an effort to be involved every step of her way.

This can be as simple as asking how her scans went and listen when she rambles some unfamiliar terms about follicles, lining and ovulation and hear her out when she brings up the possibility of IUI or IVF. If you want to go a step further, do a quick search on Google and surprise her by sharing an interesting fact that might be helpful for both of you.

If she believes that both of you need to eat and live healthier for the stork to come calling, do follow her on the journey. After all you both have everything to gain and nothing to lose with this change of lifestyle, and it doubles up as quality family bonding time.

Take it from someone who is on the journey right now, she just needs to know that you are just as involved as her in this whole ttc journey.