Since starting at a new preschool this year, we continue to be amazed at the things Little Miss C is learning and how fast she picks up new skills.

She went from having the reluctance of learn Chinese to being able to spew some Chinese phrases and terms – and she’s interested to learn more. That, I am leaving it to her Dad.

Also, her teachers have commented that her vocabulary is pretty advanced, and often asks us if we taught her those words. Although we do teach some, the rest are a result of her eaves-dropping on our conversations at home – the reason why I get suspicious if she occupies herself, quietly.

And in one of the latest reports, the kids made their own puppets out of the basic shapes and had to tell a story with that puppet in front of the class. The teachers typed out the stories of each child and submitted to all the parents in the class, and I was delightfully surprised at her storyline of “Puppy and Dinny”:

show and tell

The story was not too disjointed and it just proves that I have a little girl with a wild imagination 🙂

Well done, Crystabel – Mummy and Daddy can’t wait to read the story story that you’ll write, maybe next year!