Since we decided to take a break from medication this cycle, the focus was skewed towards improving my blood circulation with TCM and trying out natural and proven TTC methods that had very high success rates with other couples.

One of the methods was the Sperm Meets Egg Plan.

I’ve heard this term being mentioned on the forums a few times, but didn’t get to the point of researching more about it. This cycle, I decided to revisit this and the number of success stories were the trigger I needed to try it out ourselves!

What is the Sperm Meets Egg Plan (SMEP)?

The Sperm Meets Egg Plan (Or SMEP) is a TTC plan which has been shown to help couples get pregnant faster through being more aware of their ovulation days and timing intercourse well. Those who do not track their ovulation but thought that they are timing intercourse perfectly would only have about a 25% chance to get pregnant each cycle.

The SMEP method ensures that you get that 1 in 4 shot by providing adequate sperm supply and making sure the sperm and egg have every opportunity to meet each and every cycle.

How does it work?

Here’s a simple step-by-step instruction on using the SMEP method:

(For those who have a clockwork 28-day cycle)

CD 8 – Start baby dancing (BD), and plan to BD every other day until you get a positive ovulation kit

CD 10 – Start testing with OPK until it turns positive

On the day you get a positive OPK – BD today, tomorrow and the day after. Rest the next day, then BD again the day after.

Test day – Count 15 days after your positive OPK and take a pregnancy test if AF does not show up.

Additional Tips:

  • If you have a cycle that is more than 28 days (like me, with an average of 35 days), it is best to start BD on CD 10 and start testing on CD 12. You might want to adjust according to your cycle as there is a possibility that you’ll ovulate earlier some months – which was what happened to me this cycle. Thank goodness I managed to catch it!
  • You might want to hold it a bit longer before taking a pregnancy test, as the hcg levels might not be adequate 15 days after your positive OPK. I’d say wait till AF is late by about 5 days?
  • Use the first morning urine when taking the test, or according to the instructions on the kit.
  • Some tips to consider while BD (shared by mums on a TTC group)
    • Keep hips elevated with a pillow after that and legs in the air. Maintain this position for 30 mins.
    • Some advised that we are not to pee till an hour later – but I just kept to the 30 mins, as I was afraid of getting an infection.

Does the SMEP work?

Stay tuned for more updates on this, very soon 🙂