After 1.5 years of going crazy over trying for Baby #2, we were pleasantly surprised upon realising that AF was late in September – plus a host of other subtle clues. Finally, I got tired of waiting and decided to take a couple of pregnancy tests. Went for the Watson’s kit followed by the Clearblue Digital, which showed a big fat positive. Just for good measure, I tested again about a week later with an Internet cheapie, which showed an intense second line.

pregnancy announcement

Although I was asked what exactly did I do that helped us get pregnant this time, I couldn’t really pinpoint to a single source – only because we did a few things differently that month to up our chances. But just for record-taking purposes, here’s what we got ourselves into the month that we conceived:


  • Started taking Royal Jelly and Fertile CM (Click on links to find out how these help with fertility)
  • Changed my pre-conception supplements from Blackmores Conceive Well to Rainbow Light Prenatal
  • Hubby continued with his CoQ10 supplements
  • Started drinking red raspberry leaf tea from the start of the cycle until getting the BFP

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Alternative Treatments

Upon the advice of many, I started going for acupuncture once a week and took the awful herbal medication religiously. I think this helped in some way with improving the blood circulation, and I actually ovulated a lot earlier that month – compared to when I was on Clomid! Also those acupuncture sessions helped me relax a little – for at least 40 minutes.


This did not cross my mind, but much later when I started telling selected people about our happy news, I was asked if I got more time under the sun prior to conceiving. It seems that Vitamin D does help in some way with fertility! While it was not intentional, I did got “baked” under the sun almost every Saturday morning as we accompanied Crystabel to her swimming lessons.

Baby Dance Aids

pregnancy announcement

While we were using Pre-Seed for a few cycles now, I got (and tried out) some tips courtesy of the mummies from the 2016 group:

  • Elevating the bum with a pillow under
  • Having both legs in the air to keep things elevated for at least 20 mins (I did 30, and found this to be a good form of exercise!)
  • No peeing till an hour after (I didn’t follow this and only held in for 30 mins mix – didn’t want to get an infection)
  • No washing up/douching after, just wipe clean after peeing


I hope that this record-taking post will also give hope to other couples who are TTC – sending lots of baby dust across and do press on!