After trying out The Natal Kitchen’s confinement trial meal last weekend, I made arrangements to give RichFood Catering a try for dinner this weekend. RichFood Catering received a lot of rave reviews from the mums on the 2017 FB group, as they all agree that the taste and variety of the food is good, and it’s value for money.

Booking for the trial meal was very easy as it was all done online. You can expect them to follow up with you with an email within the next working day. What I liked about them during the first email comms was that all the necessary steps for payment was stated clearly and they were prompt in sharing what dishes will be served for the trial meal that you have booked. It’s nice to know what dishes you will be expecting, instead of keeping it as a ‘surprise’. Also, they can accommodate for any special request that you put up on the online form. For me, I stated clearly that there should not be any ginseng or dang gui in the dishes as I am in my third trimester of pregnancy.

richfood confinement catering

Although I was informed that the meal would reach my place between 5-6pm, I received it at around 4.15pm – nice and warm. Since it was only a single trial meal, it just came in plastic containers placed in two plastic bags. No cooler bag provided, but was told that there will be when we sign on the package with them.

richfood confinement catering

richfood confinement catering

The dishes that were included in the meal are:

  • Prenatal Pork Ribs Soup (安胎排骨汤)
  • Steamed Salmon w/ Ginger & Wolfberries (Qi Zhi) (姜丝,枸杞蒸鲑鱼)
  • Seasonal Vegetable w/ Diced Chicken (时菜炒鸡丁)
  • White Rice (白饭)
  • Red Date Tea (红枣茶)

I was quite happy with the dishes provided, as they were all very tasty and the rice portion was just nice. Only thing missing was the wolfberries in the steamed salmon – as seen in the picture, there is no sign of any wolfberries in the dish. But other than that, the rest of them were pretty good. Vegetables was tasty and not bland, same goes for the soup. It’s nice that they included one that was suitable for pregnancy. I thought that the red date tea was tastier than the last trial meal that I had from TNK, and I can see that for RichFood, a lot of longans and red dates were included in the drink.

richfood confinement catering

Overall, I was quite satisfied with the meal from RichFood Catering and will follow up with them soon on some details for booking a package with them. As stated on their website, they are waiving the GST from all the package prices – and there is an early bird discount if you place an order 30 days before your EDD.

Here’s the contact details of RichFood Catering if you are interested to give them a try:

RichFood Catering Pte. Ltd.

20 Bukit Batok Crescent #13-03
@ Enterprise Centre
Singapore 658080
Tel: 6261 4600

You can also contact them via their online form.