With so many things going on every day – i.e. work, preschool pick up and drop off, and the chores that await at home – I find that it is more convenient to shop online for most (if not all) of the things that I need.

One of the best tricks that I’ve learnt from friends who are mums who shop online as well is to search for promo codes before checking out the items and making payment. Turns out, there’s now an easier, faster way to ensure that you get the best savings while shopping online – and that is by shopping through Shopback.sg!

What is Shopback?

Shopback is an online shopping portal that works with various local and international online retail stores and service apps such as Honestbee, Carters and Taobao to give shoppers a certain amount of cashback for every order made. In short, you’ll actually be rewarded with cash (on top of savings) when you purchase items from your favourite online stores/brands on Shopback.

For example: If you are a Taobao addict like me, you’d be glad to know that every purchase made through Shopback will give you returns of up to $50 worth of cash rewards and prizes!

Currently, some notable promotions that are on-going include this Uber promo for your rides and Guardian deals which give you better savings during Guardian promotions.

How to do your online shopping through Shopback?

Here’s a short video that shows how you can get cashback for online shopping with Shopback:

Some simple steps and tips to guide you through your first online shopping experience with Shopback:

  • Sign up on Shopback.sg using either your Facebook account or email address
    I had some problems signing in with Facebook, so for easier navigation I used my email address.
  • Once you are logged in, choose from the many affiliate online stores and start shopping away to earn your cashback
    Different online stores offer different cashback amount – so do click on the ones you are interested in to find out how much you will be getting, add your items into the shopping cart and check out. The final payment page will be directed back to Shopback in order to capture your total amount spent.
  • See your cash earnings
    Around two days after your purchase is completed, your cash earnings will be reflected in your account. You can opt to accumulate your cashback amount before getting them transferred to your back account.

Look out for discount and voucher codes

Apart from the cashback you get from shopping on participating stores through Shopback, there are also coupons and voucher codes available from some of these stores which offer additional discounts (yes, on top of the cashback you earn) and perks such as free shipping.

There are different coupons and voucher codes displayed every day, and you can check what’s on offer through this link.

Top tip for shopping on Shopback

To make sure that you enjoy a smooth shopping experience on Shopback (and enjoy the cashback from your orders), there is only one thing that you need to do:

Make sure that you add the items to the cart and checkout on the Shopback website/app itself – and not the stores’ website or app.

Sign up now – and get $5 with your first purchase!

Are you ready to experience online shopping the Shopback way?

Sign up now through this link, and be rewarded with $5 upon making your first purchase!

Be sure to take note that Shopback is the first and last page that you see, to ensure that your purchases are captured.

Hari Raya 2017 Promotions – Enjoy up to 15% cashback

shopback online shopping

With Hari Raya just around the corner, there are lots of deals on-going at Shopback right now – plus the chance to earn a higher cashback value, for a limited time only.

Click here to find out more and start shopping away!